The Ladies Auxiliary 
of Germania Hall
The Ladies Auxiliary


The Ladies Auxiliary was formed in 1975 under then Hall President Frank Popp, and the first slate of officers was installed under President Karl Hauessel. The first President of the Auxiliary was Maureen Pratt. 

Since that time the organization has quietly gone about their business, aiding the Hall in whatever capacity possible. Since its inception, the Ladies Auxiliary, which is an entirely Hall-oriented organization, has donated to the Hall  over five thousand dollars in out-right cash donations and ancillary gifts.

The Ladies principal source of revenue has been the bake sales at the Annual Meeting and the new membership banquets and raffles. The Auxiliary also helps out at the Rod and Gun Club's affairs and brings delicious desserts to the picnic. These Picnics in the Woods are great fun and the Rod & Gun Club members truly appreciate our help.

However, if Auxiliary is to remain a viable and healthy organization, we need not only the support of the Board of Directors, but the backing of the ladies of the Hall. The Auxiliary invites all women of the Hall to help them in their efforts to support the Hall.

The purpose of the Ladies Auxiliary is solely to be of assistance to Germania Hall. 

President - Susan Wells
Vice President - Evelyn Capelle
Secretary - 
Treasurer - Paula Wiesnet


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